The Seyyida Hotel & Spa, standing proudly on the edge of Zanzibar’s Stone Town, captures the spirit of romance of an island whose history has been written by the Monsoon winds. Zanzibar has a cultural heritage dating back to the era of the Omani rule in East Africa.

The hotel’s name, Seyyida harks back to an era in the island’s history when the term “Seyyida” was used in addressing female Arab royals. The Seyyida Hotel & Spa itself is a royal place to be and its physical proximity to the former royal residences is an interesting historical coincidence. To this day, the hotel shares a strong bond with the island’s royal heritage, overlooking the resting place of the former sultans.

In the course of its history, Zanzibar witnessed waves of visitors from far and wide making the archipelago an ethnic and cultural melting pot. This is reflected in the art collection in this boutique hotel, which includes handcrafted textiles, artifacts, paintings and oriental furniture.


Boutique Hotel



This elegant, eighteen room boutique hotel is located right by the Palace Museum, old residence of the Zanzibar royal family and overlooks the Indian Ocean waterfront.

Rooftop Restaurant



Our cuisine is a delicious mélange of contemporary yet cultural delights, served on a breathtaking rooftop terrace while enjoying the views of Stonetown and the harbour.

Event Location



Jazz, Taarab, performing arts – The Seyyida is Stone Town’s premier event location for live music, culture and arts. Experience East Africa’s finest contemporary artists.